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 As recital grows closer, weekend rehearsals will increase. Please try to make all rehearsals as each member is an integral part of the show. Students should arrive to all dress rehearsals and performances with hair and make up done. All rehearsals at Havelock Performing Arts Center are closed. (No one may be in the audience area or backstage aside from crew, performers, and stage moms.)

Stage Makeup:

 Stage Make-up Make-up is ultimately at the discretion of the parent. The purpose is so the children’s features show up from either a distance or under stage lighting. If it is a battle, have your child go without. It is not worth an unhappy dancer! Stage Moms will not put make up on other children.

 General Makeup  Guidelines:

General Make-Up Guidelines: Powder is recommended. Foundation is optional Eyes Eyeliner-black on top of eyelid (less important on younger students. Longer lines are for older students (3rd grade and up) Brown eye shadow with white or light tan accents. Mascara Middle school and high school students may wear fake eyelashes. Lipstick– light blush (NOT bright red)


Hair’s the Story 

In many cases hair will be in either a high bun (about an inch behind crown) or a low bun (bottom part touching the nape of neck).

Hair How To's:

 Hair How To (Easy as 1,2,3): 1 )Wet hair, damp not soaking! Add mousse to help prevent fly-aways. Using a heavily bristled, brush smooth hair back to a low or high pony tail depending on bun height. Secure with pony tail holder and use brush to smooth any ridges or bumps. Spray with hair spray or smooth with additional mouse. 2) Divide pony tail into two sections, brush to smooth and twist hair along length. Begin to wrap twisted hair around ponytail holder, securing with bobby pins as you go. (Kinda like coiling playdough.) Repeat with second section of hair in opposite direction. 3) Wrap hairnet around bun, twist into a figure 8 and wrap again. Continue to wrap until out of hair net. Use bobby pins to flatten bun to head by inserting them perpendicular against bun and make a V motion to secure bun to head. *No parts or bangs.

No No's:

 No Red, Blue, Green Hair No Jewelry No fingernail polish No Temporary tattoos Glitter of any type is not allowed unless directly specified! This includes eye shadow, hairspray, body sprays or lotions. Please make sure tights are pulled down over feet, unless otherwise specified. No leotards or underwear is to be worn under costumes, unless otherwise specified. If there is a concern, please talk to the student’s teacher. Please let students know that we don’t wear underwear under our bathing suits and leotards are like bathing suits. Students must have dress code leotard (Balera camisole and Balera T90 tights for recital. Other brands are NOT permitted onstage.) Please pack bobbypins, water, quiet activity, and clean snack for your child on performance days.

Back Stage Safety:

 Backstage For safety’s sake, and goodwill towards man………. only performers, crew and stage moms are permitted in the backstage area. This is a safety issue as well as a modesty issue. If you have questions please schedule a meeting with Beth. Stage Mom sign-ups will be posted before group rehearsals begin. Please sign up for your child’s class to help during productions and rehearsals. Rehearsals Rehearsals are very important for the success of our recitals. If you must miss a rehearsal please notify us in advance of the absence! In order to not run the risk of being re-casted, students must attend 75% of all rehearsals. During final group rehearsals stage moms will be asked to stay with their students so safety can be assured, as well as, a productive rehearsal. If stage moms are unavailable, we will ask for volunteers to assist in caring for the children during these rehearsals. It is best not to have everyone stay as it can be disruptive to the children; it leads to overcrowding. These rehearsals will help stage moms learn the show’s entrances and exits. All dress rehearsals are mandatory for students. It is during these rehearsals we practice our group scenes. If even one student is absent it affects the entire rehearsal! Backstage passes should be worn at all times during production so there is no confusion.


 Costumes Christmas recital:

90% of the time you will be renting costumes for Nutcracker or holiday shows. Costume rental fees are $25 per costume. You will be responsible for shoes, undergarments, and tights for all performances. They are the same as dress code uniform. Spring recital costumes can vary from $60 to upwards of $115 (last year’s prices). Generally, as the child gets older the price of costuming goes up; this is why we try to rent costumes when possible. Costume costs are announced when costumes are chosen from the manufacturer; We can not give an estimate besides those listed above. Costume information sheets will go out sometime during Mid-December to late Jan. Payment due dates are listed in bold on sheet. If costumes are ordered past that date for any reason, there will be a $25 service charge due to costume company policy and inherent charges. This charge also applies to students registering after the due date. Checks/cash accepted, please make costume checks payable to Beth Beasley. The Biannual recitals at The Center are a hectic and magical time. Children and parents get to see all their hard work come alive onstage. It is a hectic time as well. This brochure will hopefully help answer any questions. Recital fees and tickets The recital fee at The Center is $35 per child. The recital fee is always announced up front and will appear on the same page as costume information. The recital fee will include 4 complimentary tickets to the performance of your choice. Additional tickets will be on sale the week following dispersion of comp tickets. You are never limited to the amount of people who can attend, but we do insist everyone has first choice of their comp tickets before additional tickets are available for purchase. Tickets will go on sale to general public one week after The Center’s families have the opportunity to purchase any tickets they wish.

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