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Ballet is the cornerstone of all dance styles. Louis XIV is credited with structuring this art form to what it is today. Ballet is characterized by grace, fluidity and preciseness of its formalized steps, elaborate gestures and poses. Ballet training begins at the barre working on posture, turn out and placement. These are essential elements in executing the ballet vocabulary. Our ballet classes begin mixed with creative movement at younger ages to allow for expression and creativity while building a strong foundation for ballet and a love of dance. All classes maintain the classical formula; barre work followed by centerwork; including adagio, pirouettes, petite and grand allegro. Classes will help students build strength, increase flexibility and coordination, set to classical music. As students rise through the levels they can expect quicker tempos, more complicated combinations, and more difficult choreography. Students have the opportunity to perform in our holiday production of the Nutcracker, as well as, our spring ballet production. Our full length story ballets enlist students and their families in bringing the stories alive onstage all while learning about dance history and the many aspects of the productions.

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